Construction sites

Blok Modular is a Brisbane based architect company involved in the design, building and installation of modular homes. One of Blok Modular project consisted in relocating and installing a module from the warehouse in Brisbane down to Newribar, a Northen Rivers suburb next to Byron Bay, NSW.

What we did?

Byron Bay Drone was hired to film the installation of the module including the arrival of the truck transporting the module, climbing the hill to the construction site as well as filming the crane lifting the module to position it onsite. 

Our approach

We understood the challenges that Dan Bennett, CEO of Blok Modular had to face with regards to the relocation of such a large module: possible delays caused by the traffic on the road, change of weather conditions and other unforeseen events. We remained available through the day to take all shots required, and we were flexible with regards to our time spent on-site to keep our service costs to a reasonable level.