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Back in the days aerial imagery services was provided exclusively by photographers utilizing helicopters, or via camera fitted blimps.
 In 2007 I launched my first blimp, with a tiny RC camera transmitting video on a TV monitor. Ten years later, as  the technology evolved exponentially with lightweight lithium batteries and featherlight high resolution cameras, manufacturers developed Remote Pilot Aircrafts, creating new opportunities across all industries for Drone operators.
My initial drone operations involved flying above the Byron Bay shoreline shooting surfing videos, and soon  evolved into commercial applications: producing web-friendly aerial shots for realestate, performing site inspections, and creating footage for advertising and social media promotions.
In 2019, Byron Bay Drone was launched expanding its range of services to include property surveys, photogrammetry and  3D site modelling.
With current public safety challenges that Australia is facing, from bushfires through to floods and the COVID19 pandemics, Byron Bay Drone is currently expending its range of services proposing drone operations services to local and government authorities.
Byron Bay Drone is run by a fully insured CASA registered drone operator (ARN: 1031448).


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  • Search and rescue
  • Fire response
  • Law enforcement

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Marketing promotions

  • Realestate
  • Social media videos
  • Events videos

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  • Property surveys
  • 3D Modeling
  • Photogrammetry

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Our clients and projects

public safety, inspection, search and rescue, fire response and law enforcement.

As remotely piloted devices, drones are naturally effective at minimizing human interactions. As the COVID19 virus spreads worldwide, drones have been instrumental to measure body temperature, to disperse crowds and enforce the law using loud speakers or even desinfect specific areas all from a safe distance.

3D Mapping

We use 3D mapping software to create 3D models of properties, construction sites and provide photogrammetry measurements of volumes and surfaces.

and once 2D map appears, click on the blue arrow on the left to view 3D model.



Oceanarc is a local Architectural Practice established by the principle Paul Anthony Jones out of more than twenty five years of local, metropolitan and international experience. Byron Bay Drone provided aerial imagery for the companies website.

Real Estate Photographer

Value Imagery

Value Imagery contracts out Byron Bay Drone to take aerial images and videos of realestate properties and local businesses.

Government Agency

Soil Conservation Service - NSW

The NSW Soil Conservation Service is an Australian governmental agency providing environmental consulting and land rehabilitation services. Byron Bay Drone was contracted out to provide aerial imagery services in various projects in the Northern Rivers region: Ballina, Lennox Head and Newribar. Our involvement included flying over properties inaccessible by walking to identify tree species, performing a dilapidation survey of a Read More…

TV documentary

Discovery Channel - Byron Bay Solar train

Byron Bay Drone was selected to shoot the first travels of the Byron Bay solar train. The video shots were included in the documentary “The World’s First Fully Solar-Powered Train” for the Daily Planet magazine broadcasted on Discovery Channel Canada. .

Construction sites

Blok Modular

Blok Modular is a Brisbane based architect company involved in the design, building and installation of modular homes. One of Blok Modular project consisted in relocating and installing a module from the warehouse in Brisbane down to Newribar, a Northen Rivers suburb next to Byron Bay, NSW. What we did? Byron Bay Drone was hired to film the installation of Read More…

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