Anti-drone solutions

CERBAIR allows you to detect, identify and neutralize malicious drones before they enter your site or private property.

The CerbAir solution is a camera and radio-frequency sensor mounted on an antenna monitored by a computer program to detect, track and identify all types of drones. 

The cameras will detect a drone in a 2 km radius and send a notification to the property owner who can immediately track and locate both the drone and its operator.

At night the sensor switches to infrared mode alowing 24/7 surveillance and prevention.

The current legal system in Australia prevents the property owner to take control of the drone, however the technology could be made available to the police force, army or any other government agency.

The detection rate is 95% and cerbair is constantly testing systems against new drones available on the market.

Cerbair is represented in Australia by Byron Bay Drone. Please contact Philippe Soria if you need to find out more 883 63